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From 5 November to 16 February the Hermitage Amsterdam will present, alongside the world-famous Flemish old master paintings in the exhibition Rubens, Van Dyck & Jordaens, the work of eight Young Flemish Masters at the Hermitage Amsterdam. This project, to be displayed on the first floor of the Herenvleugel, will show how a new generation of Flemish artists has drawn inspiration from the exhibition Rubens, Van Dyck & Jordaens.

Four works served as sources of inspiration:

Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) and studio, Venus and Adonis, c. 1614

Pauwel (Paul) de Vos (1591/92 or 1595–1678), Still life with Game and Lobster, 1640–1660

Jan Brueghel I (Velvet Brueghel, 1568–1625), Wooded Landscape (The Rest on the Flight into Egypt), 1607

Jacob Jordaens (1593–1678), The Virgin and Child in a Garland of Flowers, c. 1618

The idea for the project came from Creatief Initiatief, a non-profit group that organise art projects involving talented recent art school graduates. They wondered what was going on in young artistic circles in the neighbouring country of Belgium, just south of the Netherlands. Which of these artists are moving in intriguing new directions? Who will be the Flemish masters of the future? In partnership with the Hermitage Amsterdam, Creatief Initiatief developed selection criteria for participants in the Young Flemish Masters project: they were to be Flemish and no more than 35 years old, with exceptionally promising CVs. The selection procedure also took into account factors such as technical proficiency, use of colour and materials, composition, refinement and aesthetics. The Hermitage Amsterdam welcomes this well-timed and creative initiative and looks forward to providing a platform for young artists.

The eight selected 'great Flemish artists of the future' are:

Sarah & Charles (1981, 1979)

Adopting a working method that Rubens used throughout his artistic career – namely, using concepts and details from other people's works – Sarah & Charles will reproduce, in real time, an image from Day of the Outlaw, a Hollywood Western of the 1950s in which the landscape plays a central role.

Manor Grunewald (1985)

For Young Flemish Masters, Manor will produce a painting in which elements from etchings by Rubens are incorporated into modern graphic patterns. The original images will be reflected, fragmented and blended into an original creation.

Marie Cloquet (1976)

Marie Cloquet's work is always an invitation to an intellectual adventure, both for herself and for the viewer. Her oeuvre is composed of collages, installations, photographs and video. At the Hermitage Amsterdam, she will present a collage inspired by Rubens' Venus and Adonis.

Fia Cielen (1978)

Fia will contribute three large portraits forming a kind of triptych. The portraits will be painted or drawn, with an emphasis on the chiaroscuro technique of the old masters.

Filip Gilissen (1980)

Filip’s body of work is somewhere between performance and creating a spectacle. For Young Flemish Masters, the artist grants the viewers a new version of Wooded Landscape (The Rest on the Flight into Egypt) by Jan Brueghel the Elder. The manner in which Brueghel places people into the landscapes of his paintings, has visually and intrinsically been the inspiration for this new HD video portrait.

Renato Nicolodi (1980)

The primary frame of reference for Renato Nicolodi's work is metropolitan architecture. His design shows a table approximately two metres in length with a concrete sculpture. Renato's main source of inspiration was Still Life with Game and Lobster by Pauwel de Vos. The sculpture represents an entrance to a necropolis.

Nick Ervinck (1981)

Nick Ervinck's oeuvre is an endless quest for a new formal idiom. He begins by hunting for interactions between real and virtual worlds. For example, he designs 'clean' forms on the computer and then recreates them using physical materials. His contribution to Young Flemish Masters is inspired by the Rubensesque woman.

Vadim Vosters (1979)

Vadim Vosters is a painter, photographer and new media artist. One recurring theme in his works and installations is the contrast between light and dark, between seeing and not-seeing. For this exhibition, he is producing a 2D work inspired by the technique and coloration of Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens.

Creatief Initiatief

Creatief Initiatief is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by Kim van Leuken, Linda Koene and Kim Nathalia.

See for more information (in Dutch).

Young Flemish Masters at the Hermitage Amsterdam is made possible in part by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

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