Nicholas & Alexandra - The last Tsar and Tsarina

Biography of Tsar Nicholas II

18686 MayBirth of Nicholas II
18941 Nov.Nicholas II becomes Tsar after death of Alexander III
26 Nov.Nicholas II marries Alix (Alexandra) of Hessen
189515 Nov.Birth of daughter Olga
189614 MayCoronation in Assumption Cathedral, Moscow
189710 JuneBirth of daughter Tatiana
189927 JuneBirth of daughter Maria
190122 Jan.Queen Victoria dies
18 JuneBirth of daughter Anastasia
1903Nov.During the congress of the Russian Social Democratic Party in London, party splits into two: the Mensheviks, led by Plechanov, and the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Trotsky
19044 Feb.Japan declares war on Russia
28 JulyMinister of Internal Affairs, Pleve, is murdered
22 Aug.Birth of Tsarevich Alexei
19051 Jan.Bloody Sunday in St Petersburg
17 Feb.Grand Duke Sergei murdered
 February riots
19 Aug.Nicholas II allows formation of Duma, with limited power
26 Oct.Workers of St Petersburg form the first soviet
30 Oct.Nicholas II signs the October Manifest, in which he makes concessions to the Duma which has been proclaimed; it will have full legislative power and more people will be given the right to vote
191428 JuneArchduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria murdered in Sarajevo
1 Aug.Germany mobilizes and declares war on Russia
1 Sept.St Petersburg is renamed Petrograd
4 Sept.Pact between France, Russia and Great Britain
191630 Dec.Rasputin murdered
191716 MarchTsar Nicholas II abdicates; the imperial family is put under house arrest in Tzarskoje Selo
31 JulyImperial family taken to Tobolsk in Siberia
15 Sep.Kerensky proclaims the republic of Russia
7 Nov.October revolution
5 Dec.Truce between Germany and Russia
191814 Feb.Russia introduces the Gregorian calendar
26 Apr.Nicholas, Alix and Maria are taken to Yekaterinburg. The rest of the family arrives there on 22 May
17 JulyThe ex-Tsar and his family are executed on the orders of Lenin

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