Art nouveau


01. Émile Gallé, Table ‘Flore de Lorraine’, Nancy, October 1903; walnut, inlay work in various kinds of wood, metal. Dimensions 207 x 97 x 77 cm. This Flore de Lorraine table was an important diplomatic gift in the negotiations between France and Russia in preparation of their later Union. The best French artists of Lorraine put their best foot forward to make this table, which was in the latest style: Art Nouveau.

02. Daum Brothers, Lamp with bats, Nancy, 1905-1910; three-layered glass; bronze, gilded. Height 71.5 cm. The Daum brothers made not only vases but also other fine decorative art in Art Nouveau style, such as this lamp with bats.

03. Émile Gallé, Vase ‘Passiflora’, Nancy, c. 1889; vase: five-layered glass; base: two-layered glass. Height 63.5 cm. This tall vase was presented to Tsar Alexander III as a diplomatic gift. Gallé had made it for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

04. Detail photo of object no. 03.

05. René Lalique, Vase ‘Bacchants’, Paris, c. 1924; glass. Height 24.5 cm. This vase by René Lalique shows a transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.

06. Vase ‘Poppy’, Imperial Glass Factory, St Petersburg 1890-1900; three-layered glass. Height 17.8 cm. Under the influence of Émile Gallé the Imperial Glass Factory in St Petersburg began to produce vases in ‘Gallé style’.

07. Agathon Léonard van Weydenfeld, Table decoration ‘La danse de l’écharpe’ (The Scarf Dance), Sèvres porcelain factory, France, 1900; biscuit porcelain. Height of figures c. 40-50 cm. The sparkling shows of the originally American dancer Loïe Fuller were an important source of inspiration for the Art Nouveau artists in the Paris art world.

08. ‘Le Livre d’Or de la Lorraine’ with 84 drawings and 5 prints, bound, Nancy, 1893; leather, paper, silver. Dimensions 67 x 53 x 22 cm. This book was above all a gift from the province of Lorraine to Russia. An inscription on the binding says ‘La Lorraine à la Russie – 1893’.

09. Set of Gobelins, the Four Seasons: ‘Summer’, Gobelin factory, France, Paris, 1910–1913; wool, silk. Dimensions 278 x 172 cm. After a design by Jules Chéret (1836-1932). The Four Seasons tapestry set was presented to Tsar Nicholas II by the French president on the eve of the First World War.

10. Vase, Imperial Glass Factory, St Petersburg, 1908; colourless crystal. Height 21.7 cm. After a period of making vases in ‘Gallé style’, the artists of the Imperial Glass Factory in St Petersburg developed a style of their own.

11. Two vases with orchids, with lids. Vases: Émile Gallé, France, Nancy. Stands: Germain Bapst and Lucien Falize, France, Nancy, 1889—1890; glass, silver. Height 28 cm. Tsar Nicholas II received these vases as a diplomatic gift and Alexandra Feodorovna was so delighted with them that she placed them in her private apartments.

12. Daum Brothers, Female figure, Nancy, c. 1910; glass. Height 19.6 cm. The Daum brothers manufactured not only vases but also glass figurines. In shape this figurine looks very much like a tanagra figure from Greek antiquity (4th century BC).

13. Cornflowers with oats, Carl Fabergé firm, St Petersburg, early 20th century; gold, pink diamonds, enamel, rock crystal. Height 19 cm.

14. Chair, Fomin firm, St Petersburg, c. 1900; mahogany, silk. Dimensions 68 x 60 x 60 cm. In St Petersburg the Meltzer and Fomin firms manufactured affordable and stylish furniture in Art Nouveau style – affordable not only for the Russian nobility but also for the wealthy middle classes.

15. Daum Brothers, Vase with tulips, Nancy, 1895; five-layered glass. Height 16.1 cm (diameter 17.7 cm). This is an early example of Art Nouveau glass by the Daum brothers.

16. Leopold Adolfovich Bernstamm (1859-1939), Portrait bust of Tsar Nicholas Nicolaas II, Sèvres porcelain factory, France, 1891; biscuit porcelain. Height 46 cm. This classical portrait of Nicholas has a cloak in pure Art Nouveau style.

17. Émile Gallé, Vase with lake scene, Nancy, c. 1904; four-layered glass. Height 61.8 cm. (diameter 19 cm). This vase was probably purchased by Tsarina Alexandra herself for her private apartments.

18. Émile Gallé, Vase with toad and dragonfly, Nancy, c. 1888; two-layered glass. Height 16 cm. A remarkable example of an early Art Nouveau vase.

19. René Lalique, Pendant ‘Tangle of snakes’, Paris (France), 1898-1900; gold, pearl, enamel. Height 11 cm. René Lalique not only worked in Art Nouveau style (as in this piece of jewellery) but also became an important Art Deco artist.

20. Vase with dahlia. Vase: Émile Gallé, Nancy (France), 1898. Stand: Russia, St Petersburg, Carl Fabergé firm (Julius Rappoport). Three-layered glass; stand: silver. Height (with stand) 28.5 cm. The Fabergé firm made an appropriate stand for this vase by Gallé. In cases like this Fabergé put himself ‘at the service’ of the original work.

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