St Petersburg & Russia

St Petersburg in the Spotlight

11 November Saint Petersburg, Nathalie Alonso Casale (2001).

Elegant poetic portrait without words of St Petersburg and its people.

The End of St Petersburg, Vsevolod Pudovkin / Michael Doller (SU/US 1927).

Silent black-and-white film produced ten years after the October Revolution as a major anniversary event. It was screened in 1992 accompanied by electronic music by composer Alfred Schnittke and his son Andrei.

Dead Meat, Tony Smith (RU/GB 1994).

Exciting thriller, based on the murder of journalist Cholodev, who was researching the extensive weapons smuggling in the Russian army.

De Ruslui, Karina Meeuwse and Leo de Bur (NL 1996)

Semi-documentary about the cloth manufacturers of Vriezenveen who took their trade to St Petersburg in the 18th century.

La Tempesta, Alberto Lattuada (IT/FR/JG 1958).

Spectacular elaborate film of Pushkin’s Captain’s Daughter: rebellion and love in the time of Catharine the Great.

Len Deighton's Midnight in St Petersburg, Douglas Jackson (GB/RU/CN/US 1995).

Crime film with rather weak plot.

Leningrad, Alexandr Buravsky (RU 2007).

American journalist and Russian police officer fight for their lives during the Siege of Leningrad in the Second World War.

Leningrad, November, Andreas Schmidt (D/USSR 1991).

A look at the lives of the people of Leningrad. Including Max, who migrated to Germany, and returned to visit his sick father.

Peter Strohm: Mädchen aus St. Petersburg, Peter Kahane (D/A/ZW 1995).

Strohm is asked by a young German businessman to come to St Petersburg, who is in trouble with the Russian mafia. He soon discovers the gangster syndicate’s grip on the city.

Petersburg, Places and Paintings, Ben van Lieshout (NL 2004).

Portrait of the Russian painter Tatyana Yassievich and the city in which she lives and works.

Russian Holiday, Graidon Clark (US 1993).

American teacher holidays in St Petersburg and meets a fellow American. They fall in love. Then various murders take place ...

Dmitry Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony: A Cinemaphony, Georgy Paradzhanov (RU 2005).

Documentay of edited archive images relating to the famous Seventh Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich, which he wrote during the Siege of Leningrad and which was first performed at the height of the siege, 9 August 1942.

The Emperor’s Candlesticks, George Fitzmaurice (US 1937).

Romance and intrigue in Russia involving two spies from different sides.

Tempest, John Taylor (US 1928).

Farmer becomes a soldier during the Russian Revolution and holds the fate of a princess who once humiliated him in his hands.

The Russian Ark, Alexander Sokurov (RU 2002).

A French marquis tours 33 rooms and three centuries of Russian history in the Hermitage in St Petersburg.

Tishe! Victor Kossakovsky (RU 2002).

The view from Kossakovsky’s St Petersburg apartment, for 80 minutes.

Farewell Pavel, Rosemary Blank (GB/RU/NL 1998).

A journalist from St Petersburg becomes involved with an illegal prostitute in Rotterdam. Meanwhile his 14-year-old son weights impatiently for him to return.

Wir Kinder des 20. Jahrhunderts, Vitali Kanevski (SU 1994).

Documentary in which the director talks to street children in St Petersburg and with children from wealthy backgrounds. Poignant image of a city full of contradictions.

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