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The BankGiro Loterij is the Netherlands’ cultural lottery and proud founder of the Hermitage Amsterdam. When the idea of launching a satellite museum of the famous Hermitage in St Petersburg was first proposed in the 1990s, it responded with immediate enthusiasm, pledging a substantial sum of money. Like all its donations, this contribution was raised by the lottery’s participants. This initial pledge encouraged other funds, government bodies, and businesses to follow suit. The result is this pearl – which shines with particular lustre in this anniversary year – on the River Amstel. We are proud of the Hermitage and thank all BankGiro Loterij participants for their generous contribution to culture in the Netherlands.

The historical ties between ABN AMRO and Russia are over 200 years old. One of the bank’s oldest precursors, the Amsterdam firm of Hope & Co., arranged a long series of loans for the Russian Tsars, running close to 50 million guilders, from the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries. Hope & Co. were so successful in this regard that they were presented with a number of life-sized portraits of the Tsars in return. As purveyors to the Tsars, they also received a gilded wooden coat of arms, which they displayed at their Keizersgracht offices. All these items still belong to ABN AMRO’s art collection. We are pleased and proud that we able as chief sponsor to enjoy the privilege of making a contribution to the changing exhibitions at the Hermitage Amsterdam. Exhibitions with an enormous historic value that are made accessible to a wide public.

For Heineken, the world’s most international beer, enjoyed in 178 countries, the ties with Russia’s people probably go back for quite some time, as this advertisement from our archives suggests. But it was in 2002 that Heineken acquired its first production capacity in Russia, with the takeover of a brewery in St Petersburg. Ever since then, we have felt a particular affection for the city as well as for the Hermitage, an affection that deepened when the Hermitage came to Amsterdam, the city in which our business was founded 200 years ago. With our support for the Hermitage Amsterdam, we seek to strengthen the unique ties between these two cities.

The connection between Philips and the Hermitage dates back to 1898, when Anton Philips made the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg the destination for his very first sales trip to a foreign country. He sold 50,000 lamps to the Czar at the time. To this day, parts of the museum in St. Petersburg are still illuminated by our modern energy-saving LED lighting. Partly thanks to this historic link, we are proud to be the main sponsor of the Hermitage Amsterdam and to help ensure that even more people can enjoy this unique museum’s exceptional art treasures.

Fugro supports many cultural and social initiatives worldwide. Fugro feel committed to conserving valuable cultural heritage and ensuring its accessibility. In the Netherlands we sponsor the Hermitage Amsterdam and its exhibitions which enable a broad group of people to admire an ever changing selection of art treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. Fugro acquires and interprets Earth and engineering data to support our clients with the design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of their infrastructure. We work predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore.

The VSBfonds wants as many people as possible to enjoy art and culture. The VSBfonds supports projects that facilitate encounters with different kinds of art and make cultural heritage accessible to a larger or different public. Not all children are automatically exposed to the visual arts, museums, and creativity, therefore the VSBfonds supports the Hermitage for Children programme. Because of this programme the Hermitage Amsterdam provides the opportunity to every child to get in touch with visual arts, museums and a creative surroundings. In a building with 5 ateliers, two classrooms and a Children’s Canteen 10,000 secondary school children from the Amsterdam area are welcomed on a yearly basis.
VSBfonds, for everyone!

In het najaar van 2014 is in samenwerking met Bain & Company een impact study gestart om het maatschappelijke effect van de Hermitage voor Kinderen te onderzoeken.

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The AVRO is seen by the public as the broadcasting organisation in the field of art and culture. We are proud of that. The Hermitage Amsterdam is a unique initiative in the art world. As the media partner, we want to help make it a success. The AVRO is proud of that too.

Willemijn Maas, general directior of the AVRO

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