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The BankGiro Loterij attaches great value to passion and entrepreneurship. That is what we see reflected in the life’s work of Ernst Veen and his team: literally building a new museum, an Amsterdam branch of the world-famous Hermitage Museum. After years of hard work, it opened in June 2009. The BankGiro Loterij is founder of this museum. Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the world will soon be enriched by a splendid new museum. Congratulations!

Sigrid van Aken, Imme Rog, Marieke van Schaik, managing directors BankGiro Loterij

ABN AMRO is proud to be a main sponsor of the Hermitage Amsterdam, a unique museum at a unique spot in the city. Superb cultural heritage has found a new role with international allure.

Gerrit Zalm, chairman of the board of directors of ABN AMRO

The connection between Philips and the Hermitage dates back to 1898, when Anton Philips made the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg the destination for his very first sales trip to a foreign country. He sold 50,000 lamps to the Czar at the time. To this day, parts of the museum in St. Petersburg are still illuminated by our modern energy-saving LED lighting. Partly thanks to this historic link, we are proud to be the main sponsor of the Hermitage Amsterdam and to help ensure that even more people can enjoy this unique museum’s exceptional art treasures.

Gerard Kleisterlee, president and CEO of Philips

Philips’ latest innovations illuminate various parts of the museum. For example, the Hermitage is fitted with dynamic lighting that can be adjusted throughout the day to help children learn more effectively. In addition, the facade, the courtyard garden and the rear facade are lit using the latest architectural lighting products so that the Hermitage building and its surroundings are shown at their best.

Fugro believes it is important to assist in preserving the cultural heritage, and makes funds available to organisations that offer something unique in this field. The Hermitage Amsterdam enables a broad group of people, including foreign visitors, to admire an ever changing selection of art treasures from Russia.

Ir. Klaas Wester, president directeur Fugro

It was in St Petersburg that Heineken took its first steps in Russia. Since then we have felt closely involved with the city and the Hermitage. Heineken’s origins lie in Amsterdam. Through our support for the Hermitage Amsterdam, we hope to underline the unique links between the two cities.

Jean-François van Boxmeer, chairman of the board of directors of Heineken N.V.

Through the Hermitage for Children, the Hermitage Amsterdam intends to develop knowledge and talent as well as social involvement. The VSBfonds contributes substantially because the project directly and concretely fosters children’s personal development, cultural participation and social awareness, and is thus very much in line with the mission and objectives of the VSBfonds.

Joost van Lanschot, director of VSBfonds.

In het najaar van 2014 is in samenwerking met Bain & Company een impact study gestart om het maatschappelijke effect van de Hermitage voor Kinderen te onderzoeken.

Strategiepartner Bain & Company

Since 2004 the Hermitage Amsterdam has been working on a cultural education project that has no rival in the Dutch museum world. Above all, the aim of putting people from socially disadvantaged groups in touch with art actively and passively is worthy of support. The Cultural Fund takes a very positive stance towards Education in the Hermitage Amsterdam, not least because this initiative can be an attractive example for others elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Adriana Esmeijer, director of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund

The AVRO is seen by the public as the broadcasting organisation in the field of art and culture. We are proud of that. The Hermitage Amsterdam is a unique initiative in the art world. As the media partner, we want to help make it a success. The AVRO is proud of that too.

Willemijn Maas, general directior of the AVRO

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The Hermitage Amsterdam is a major visitor attraction for the city of Amsterdam, combining enormous character and international appeal with an ever-changing, highly varied exhibition programme. That's important to Accor, since we have no fewer than 11 hotels in and around the city, operating under the Sofitel, Mgallery, Novotel, Mercure, all seasons, ibis, and Etap brands. We are pleased to have the Hermitage as our partner, so that we can do even more to assist our hotel guests as they discover Amsterdam. And of course, we hope to welcome many Hermitage visitors from around the world to our hotels.

At the same time, this partnership is a perfect fit for the strategy that Accor is pursuing for its Mercure brand: as the public sector reduces its financial support for cultural institutions, we see it as our corporate responsibility to step up and contribute to local culture.

Caro van Eekelen, Managing Director Accor Hotels

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