Expedition Silk Road

Treasures from the Hermitage

1 March - 5 September 2014

From 1 March 2014 onwards, the Hermitage Amsterdam will offer visitors a glimpse of the long-lost civilizations along the legendary Silk Road. Until 5 September 2014, the exhibition Expedition Silk Road will present treasures from the Hermitage: 250 exceptionally beautiful objects, such as murals, sculpture, precious silks, silver, glass, gold, and terracotta, excavated by Russian expeditions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Hermitage Amsterdam announces 2014-2020 exhibition programme

Hermitage Amsterdam announced its exhibition programme for 2014-2020 at a festive event on Friday 11 April. The museum is currently celebrating its fifth year on the Amstel River. The museum will host these nine major exhibitions in the next five years (in chronological order): Dining with the Tsars: Delicate Beauty from the Winter Palace; Napoleon and Alexander: Friend and Foe; Spanish Art; Greek and Scythian Gold; 1917: from Romanov to Revolution; Dutch Masters; European Neoclassicism; Catherine the Great; and Jewels from the Hermitage Treasure Gallery.


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Six students travel part of the Silk Road for the Hermitage Amsterdam

The project Silk Road Vice Versa was launched in the Hermitage Amsterdam on Thursday 27 February 2014 at the opening of the exhibition Expedition Silk Road, which was attended by EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes. This project will send six students of archaeology, history and art history to Central Asia to travel part of the legendary Silk Road. Over a four-month period they will study the State Hermitage Museum’s collection of Silk Road artefacts in Amsterdam and explore the Silk Road in Central Asia as it is today.


Photo Sascha Luna Esmail

Amsterdam Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum join forces to create a portrait gallery

On wednesday 12 February Paul Spies (Amsterdam Museum), Cathelijne Broers (Hermitage Amsterdam) and Martine Gosselink (Rijksmuseum) sealed a joint project with a triple handshake: a permanent exhibition of over thirty huge 17th- and 18th-century group portraits. Provisionally titled Gallery of the Golden Age, this will be the first presentation of so many group portraits of this size in a single show. These paintings are unique in the art world and they portray a characteristically Dutch burgher society. This unprecedented joint project will enable the three Amsterdam museums to treat the public to paintings which have rarely been exhibited because of their size. The presentation opens in late November 2014 in Hermitage Amsterdam.


Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy, Banquet of the Civic Guard Company of Captain Jacob Backer and Lieutenant Jacob Rogh, 1632, height 198 cm, width 531 cm, Amsterdam Museum collection

Exhibition Programme
Hermitage Amsterdam

Expedition Silk Road1 March 2014 – 5 September 2014
Dining with the Tsars6 September 2014 - March 2015

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